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Gucci U-Play Demonstration

June 8, 2010

Remember the interchangeable bezels? They are back! But better than ever.

The new Gucci “U-Play” collection offers two watches in one! Each watch comes with an interchangeable bracelet and bezel set. You can easily change the look of the watch by removing the bracelet and putting on a strap or simply changing the bezel color. The new interchangable design allows the wearer to change the combination of colors and materials to fit any occasion or just express herself.

They will be available in stores at the end of June!


Ben Bridge becomes Second Victorinox Swiss Army Official E-Commerce Retailer

May 13, 2010

Victorinox Swiss Army Announces New E-tailing Partner Ben Bridge Jeweler

Victorinox Swiss Army (VSA) is proud to announce the addition of our second official e-commerce retailer, Ben Bridge Jeweler. VSA has been very deliberate in moving into the world of e-tailing slowly, choosing partners with a reputation for outstanding customer service and integrity. In fact, VSA does not even sell to consumers directly on it’s own website, making the designation of “Official e-tailer” exclusive indeed.

The partnership between VSA and Ben Bridge will allow for an excellent e-commerce shopping experience for consumers nation-wide, backed by a strong brick and mortar presence enjoyed by Ben Bridge in the Western and Pacific regions of the United States.

As an official e-tailer, Ben Bridge will now carry the entire VSA product line in their downtown Seattle flagship store. This allows any Ben Bridge sales associate easy access to the full complement of VSA styles to satisfy even the most discerning VSA enthusiast.

VSA is excited about this enhanced partnership and will continue to support and develop the program to ensure it’s success.


Ben Bridge Style: Becky’s TW Steel

April 28, 2010

“Hi! I’m Becky and I work in the watch department at Ben Bridge. My favorite piece is my new TW Steel watch. It is an oversized watch at 45mm. TW Steel is a new watch line we are carrying in 12 of our Ben Bridge stores. They are big, fun and affordable. My watch retails for $525. What I really like about the watch is that while it is fashionably big on me, it is an everyday watch for a guy. These watches are available now, please check out website to see the stores that are carrying them.”

TW Steel Canteen Collection Watch


The Last Day in Basel: Patek Philippe and Tissot

March 22, 2010

Our trip is almost over and WOW the things we have seen!

Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden Limited Edition

Tissot had some wonderful new watches today including some new limited editions. They introduced a new Nicky Hayden watch that is very cool and also a new limited Moto GP watch. They also had some great new ladies models.

Patek 7021/1G-001

Patek 7021/1G-001

Patek Philippe had amazing timepieces as usual. I don’t think I could do them justice in trying to describe them though. They expanded the ladies Nautilus line with some stunning diamond bezel watches.

Patek 5960P

One of the coolest pieces they launched was a new 5960 complication annual calendar chronograph with day, date, and month apertures, power reserve and day night display. It has a blue dial and blue strap and a 40.5mm platinum case. It will retail for $78,800. Amazing!

Its been a wonderful trip- I wish I could tell you all that we’ve seen but it is truly overwhelming to even think about!

We fly out tomorrow early in the morning but since I am still here I will sign off one last time—

Three kisses from Basel!



Basel Day 3: Rolex

March 20, 2010

What an exciting day!  As promised, more about Rolex.

Rolex Datejust 31mm with 24 Diamond Bezel

First they finally came out with an Everose Pearlmaster with a 12 diamond bezel. It is stunning! They also released a number of 31mm pieces in steel and white gold, steel and yellow gold and steel and Everose gold with new diamond bezels that have 24 diamonds on a smooth bezel. It is a big year for the ladies!

New Rolex Submariner

The new Submariners look amazing. The black dial black bezel Sub has the ceramic bezel and the movement has been upgraded with a parachrome hairspring. Although the case is not larger, it looks like it is. The case lugs are twice as wide as the Classic Sub making the watch look larger.

New Rolex Green Submariner

The new Green Submariner looks amazing!  It will be slightly more expensive than the black Sub because the green dial is made with powdered green gold.  It is so cool!  Both Subs have 18k white gold hands, markers, and inner rings. No detail was overlooked—the new Subs will be a hit. Hopefully they will deliver late this summer. No pre-sales please!

We are running fast from appointment to appointment. Saturday at the show is always a challenge because the public is invited to the show. In addition to all the buyers, reporters and brand representatives we are dodging Swiss and German locals and often their pets! It was a mad house today. The show was packed with people but had a great buzz of energy and excitement. What a great job I have!  I am blessed!

More tomorrow. We will be seeing Patek Phillipe which is always an amazing appointment because their watches are works of art.

Three kisses!



Basel Day 2: Tag Heuer and Gucci

March 19, 2010

Today was a crazy day. We saw a ton of great things but I only have time to tell you about a few of them—if I tried to tell you about all of them I would be back in the States before I was done!

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum

We met with Tag Heuer today after attending a party last night celebrating 150 years of innovation. To celebrate they launched a new concept watch, the Pendulum. The Pendulum is an automatic watch that runs without a hairspring. Historically, the hairspring has been an integral part of the watch movement, regulating time keeping. The Pendulum movement replaces the traditional hairspring with a magnetic field. Pretty amazing technology! Although the Pendulum watch is still a concept we saw a working model.  Tag doesn’t know when or if they will put the watch into production.

The "Pendulum"

As usual they are the leaders in innovation and design in the watchmaking world, following on the heels of the Monaco V4 they developed a few years ago that featured a movement designed with ball bearings and drive-train belts rather than traditional gears and springs.

Tag has a bunch of fantastic new items coming out this summer.  My favorite is the new ceramic and stainless steel Formula 1. Ladies ceramic watches are everywhere here in Basel but the Tag Heuer collection is priced to sell and are stunning—especially with the diamond bezel.

Tag Heuer Carrera 1887

They are also launching their own patented in-house movement: the Tag Heuer 1887 chronograph. It features an oscillating pinion 2/1000th of a second column wheel and is touted as being 30% more efficient than other automatic chronograph movements.  It has a bi-directional winding system and a 50 hour power reserve.  It is a noteworthy accomplishment. The caliber 1887 will be in some of the watches being released this fall including a limited edition SLR Calibre 1887.
 Tag had an outstanding selection of new offerings at fantastic price points. There are many great things to look forward to this year!

Tag Heuer 1887 Movement

Gucci was a fun appointment, as well. The group is reaching into its history books to reintroduce some of its best successes and is also introducing some new classics.

Gucci U-Play

First the fun stuff. Remember the interchangeable bezels?  They are back!  But better than ever. The new Gucci “U-Play” collection.   Each watch comes with an interchangeable bracelet and bezel set. You can easily change the look of the watch by removing the bracelet and putting on a strap or simply changing the bezel color.   The new interchangable design allows the wearer to change the combination of colors and materials to fit any occasion or just express herself. U-Play will be tons of fun!

Gucci is also launching their new G-Timeless collection. There is a watch for everyone. The new collection is simple but elegant and the prices are terrific.  These are available for delivery now and will be in stores soon! 
I have to run- I am late for dinner!

Until tomorrow-
Three kisses!


P.S. I was told yesterday that my blog was so exciting people were waiting in anticipation, like pre-teens girls awaiting the next Twilight novel!  I am touched!  I have to give credit to my editor Marc Bridge for putting the final touches on for me.


Basel Day 1: Corum, TW Steel, and a sneak peek at Rolex

March 18, 2010

Greetings from Basel!

Our first day was a great success even though we are moving a little slow due to jet lag. I can’t possibly tell you all the things we’ve seen so I will touch on a few highlights.

Corum Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48

We started off at Corum. Corum is a brand that’s been around for 50 years and is best known for the coin watch. As it’s evolved it’s become much more, they have delved into sailing watches like the Admirals Cup and this year are introducing a new dive watch. The Deep Hull is a sophisticated dive watch that is a limited edition and really cool!  The US will only see about 100 units of the 500 being produced in the regular titanium version and will only see about 25 of the 255 produced in the PVD all black version. They had a number of other offerings including Admirals Cups with complications like a Foudroyante which times to one eighth of a second. Those too are limited editions.

TW Steel "Cool Black"

My favorite appointment of the day was with a new upstart brand we will soon be launching in some of our stores. TW Steel (The Watch) is a great value for an oversized manly watch. Most of the watches are 45mm in size- some larger. It is a men’s line with simple readable dials (except the “Cool Black” which has black numerals on a black dial) with oversized crowns all on straps. They are a ton of look for not a lot of money.  I am excited for my return to launch these in some of our stores.

Last and certainly not least, a sneak peek into an appointment we have Saturday-Rolex!  We always have to peruse the windows first thing at the show to see what they are launching. We all knew there would be a new Steel Submariner but they also launched a new Submariner with a green dial and green bezel. It looks great – I can’t wait to see it in person on Saturday. I don’t want to spoil Saturday’s blog by telling you any more about the windows but there are some really exciting ladies pieces coming too-stuff we’ve been waiting for!

Three kisses!