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Proposal in our Northgate store!

November 18, 2009

We are fortunate in our business to get to play a part in people’s special moments. Usually we just get to witness the before and after: the selection of the ring followed by a chance to meet the recipient and admire the new treasure. In this case, associates in our store played host to the actual proposal!

Jill Berndsen in our Northgate store played an integral role in this wonderful story. I asked her to share the details of this special event. The following are her words:

Sean Schwender & Allison Holm came into our Northgate store looking for an engagement ring. Allison wanted an Aquamarine center instead of a diamond. I let her know I believed she should have the ring she wants and talked with them about the characteristics and care of the stone considering she would be wearing it daily. They told me that everywhere else they had shopped told them “no” to an engagement ring with an Aquamarine. I brought in three different Aquamarine stones for them to see. Once they decided on the stone we went about the task of designing a custom platinum mounting with the Aquamarine center and VS side diamonds. We put the estimate together and they said everything was perfect!

When Sean came in to pick up the ring, I asked him about his plans for proposing and surprising her. He had no idea what he was going to do. We discussed a few possible scenarios to consider and he left still unsure what he would do. He came to see me a few days later and asked me if he could possibly propose right in my store! I of course was thrilled as was everyone else working here that evening. He told me what he was thinking and we set the plan in motion…

Brianna brought in red rose petals which we scattered in one of the cases. That evening, Sean took Allison to dinner at a restaurant here in the mall near our store. As they left the restaurant, he said to her “let’s go by and see Jill at Ben Bridge”. She was very hesitant, embarrassed that they had put me though all the work for the ring and then did not buy it. But Sean finally talked her into it.

It was just before closing and the store was empty. As they entered the store, we dimmed the lights and Sean walked Allison over to the case with the red rose petals and an open, empty ring box in the center. He said to me, “Jill, where is the ring for that box?” And I replied, as planned, “well Sean, check your pockets!” He brought the ring out, turned to Allison and went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife and share his life…” It was so amazing! She was teary eyed with joy and we all sipped sparkling cider in champagne glasses which Brianna had also provided.

Congratulations Sean and Allison!

We are honored to have been a part of your engagement!



Mary Todd-McGinnis on More to Love

September 16, 2009

If you missed More to Love last night, the full episode is available now online:

Luke visits Ben Bridge to pick a ring between 1:04:00 and 1:08:00.

I think Mary did a terrific job of matching the ring to Luke’s intended. (I won’t spoil the surprise if you haven’t seen the end yet!)

Did Luke pick the right woman? The right ring?



More to Love Season Finale Tonight

September 15, 2009

Watch FOX’s More to Love tonight as Luke picks a beautiful diamond ring with the help of Ben Bridge’s Mary Todd-McGinnis to present to the winner!

Mary has worked with the producers of More to Love in providing the diamond bands for the show’s ring ceremony and loaning “special event” jewelry for the show’s “Fantasy Date.”

More to Love airs at 9/8c on FOX.

Let us know what you think!