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Buying in Italy: Lisa’s Blog Post III

January 18, 2010

Bon Giorno!
Whew! What a busy day! We saw lots of fresh, new jewelry.

The morning started with a vendor from Turkey. I found it fascinating to find that there has been a big increase in gold production in Turkey over the last few years (though they are producing with all Italian machinery). They seemed capable of making many different types of merchandise, from tubing to casting to anything you could want. Laura is working on some very fun projects with them.

We went back to the vendor who made the iconic Toscano suite we advertised this fall. The designer had more rings then we knew what to do with! Most of the pieces were big and bold, and I could have worn any number of them right out of the booth.

Peter really liked a pendant that looked like stained glass but was made with enamel in gold.

Laura says that her favorite piece has to be the name necklace we saw towards the end of the day. It looked like an updated Carrie Bradshaw necklace that can be made in Italy and delivered to the store in 10 days.

My favorite was a rose gold necklace that had pinky pearls, dark pink enamel, and Tourmaline.

New Italian for today: not only does amo mean love, it also means wire. Somehow te amo doesn’t sound as romantic when it means I wire you!

Ciao for now!