The Story of FLAWLESS

October 12, 2010

by Lisa Bridge

I want to tell you more about the story behind the creation of FLAWLESS, Ben Bridge Jeweler’s first designer fragrance. But first, I want to extend an invitation to you:

We’ll be officially unveiling FLAWLESS at a launch event in Bellevue, WA this evening, October 12. Please join me and be among the first to experience this fragrance. RSVP at http://benbridgeflawless.eventbrite.com/

Flawless by Ben Bridge

Raymond began to develop our perfume with Ben Bridge and a modern classic woman in mind.

The first time I was able to experience the start of the fragrance was when Raymond presented the fragrance accords (the notes that make up the perfume).  He described them in terms of our stores.  He connected one accord to the color and energy in the store, one to the romance and feminine nature of jewelry, and the third to the wood in our stores.  He drew his inspiration from the nature of our business, our stores, and our associates.

After a few months and countless formulations, we decided upon a small bottle labeled “10” (the geeky gemologist in me loved that it was the same number as a diamond on the Moh’s scale of hardness.  It had to be a sign, right?).  Every time I smelled it, I smiled.  This had to be the one!

Once we had the fragrance, I began carrying it with me in my purse.  I shared it to see what the reactions would be.  To my great pleasure, I received hardly anything but rave reviews.  Many of my friends have been asking when they can get their own bottle!  It is a fresh fragrance that is wearable day or night.

I always thought that naming a product would be fun and easy.  I was quite wrong.  It was fun, but not very easy.  Each time I got excited about a name, someone was already using it.  I started to get discouraged until ‘Flawless’ was mentioned.  It was just perfect.  Completely tied to the diamond merchandise we have been selling for years, Flawless made sense.  It also felt crisp, like our fragrance smelled.  I asked for opinions and Flawless was the overwhelming winner.

The other “fun and easy” part was deciding on a description.  I always love reading the back of wine bottles because of the great language used to describe the liquid within.  Perhaps because I was so close to the perfume this was much harder than I had hoped.  After attempt after attempt, we landed on:

The brilliance of a diamond in a bottle.
A fresh, modern fragrance, full of whimsy, sparkle, and romance.

I am very excited to have found the perfect (eco-friendly) packaging for FLAWLESS.  The bottle looks like an upside-down diamond, with a Ben Bridge Signature Diamond shaped cap.  Different than most other bottles I’ve seen, it is clean and embodies the name of the fragrance.  It will look great sitting on people’s vanities and dressers (it will look significantly better on mine than the test bottle I have sitting there now).  The box opens like a ring box, showing off the bottle, and diamond shape sitting within.

The whole project is finally coming to fruition.  It’s still a bit hard to believe that people will be able to purchase, wear, and enjoy FLAWLESS, it’s no longer just an idea.

It has been a long time coming, but I cannot wait for you to experience FLAWLESS, the brilliance of a diamond in a bottle!




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