Lisa in Asia: Day 4

March 6, 2010

Today we saw some beautiful jewelry!

We started the morning with a company we have worked with since their inception.  In fact, we found out that we were their second customer when they founded the company in 1992.  Ben Bridge was second only because we had an afternoon appointment and they met with someone else that morning.  They really understand who we are and know how to create merchandise for us.

After lunch, Laura and I went to an appointment that was focused entirely on colored gemstones.  The vendor is extremely knowledgeable about different gems, and he had stones that were reasonable for us to buy, as well as fabulous specimens.  I have always loved colored gems, and that love only increased after getting my G.G. (Graduate Gemologist degree).

Laura sorts through gemstones

My favorite part of the meeting was getting to see unusual gems.  I held an enormous hunk of Rhodonite that was about the size of my hands.  We also saw a pile of the most fabulous, enormous, rough Morganite.  The peachy-pink color was quite intense!  I’m not sure I’d know what to do with those large stones, but they were very impressive.  I saw Brazilian Green Opal for the first time.  The stones were cut in to cabochons (smooth tops) and had a mysterious luminescence to them.  It is unbelievable what is able to come out of the ground!  At this appointment we were mostly looking for special collections for our Festival of Gems.  It is a show that will travel from store to store this summer.

Tumbled Morganite and other beautiful gems

This afternoon we saw some new concepts.  There was a new idea for men’s jewelry that was interesting, but ultimately decided it was targeting a younger customer than a BB customer.  We also saw a collection of adorable tiny charms.  There was everything from a Chanel bag to a colorful ice cream cone.

We had a very brief moment to walk the show at the end of the day, but tomorrow we have set aside time to do so.  We want to make sure we have the opportunity to really see what else is out there.

Good Night!



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