Lisa in Asia: Day 3

March 5, 2010

Today was the first day of the actual show.  We visited a few booths and were able to see each company’s entire line.  It is important that the buyers travel to these shows not only to find new vendors, but also because when our existing companies come to the U.S., they only bring a fraction of their line.  While they would edit the collection to fit the audience, it’s helpful to see all of the options to be able to really see what the company has to offer.  We ended up staying in one booth for three and a half hours with tray after tray after tray of merchandise.  I’ve never seen so much jewelry in one place before!

One of my favorite things looking through trays of jewelry is finding pieces that we purchased in the past.  I love looking at a tray and finding something familiar, it’s like seeing an old friend.  One of the companies we met with today has made lots of our little creatures, like the pearl swan we had in our Holiday Catalogue this year.  What creativity the designer has to create adorable bugs, animals, and sea forms out of gemstones!

At night we went out with some longtime business associates/friends and had a “Girl’s Night” (Peter had a quiet night to himself).  We went up to Victoria Peak, which has a beautiful lookout over all of Hong Kong.  It was simply spectacular.  Since we’ve been in Hong Kong, the peak has always been shrouded in clouds, but today it was just light enough to see through them.  The view itself was quite surreal.  The city is enormous and all of the buildings are tightly packed together.  The temperature in Hong Kong right now is warm (70s) with lots of humidity, and at the top of the peak the wind was rushing by.  We could literally see the clouds blowing by as if someone had a giant hairdryer directing them.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

For dinner we went to a private dining club.  The view there was also incredible, but totally different.  I went out on the terrace and was immersed in bright lights.  We were right in the middle of the energy of the city.  Dinner itself was quite a show too.  I had Peking Duck for the first time, what a great flavor!  My tea came with quite a presentation.  The server had a teapot with a spout that was about four feet long and he twirled the pot around as if it were a baton and poured the tea over his head and in to my cup.  Later in the evening he did a little show for everyone twirling the teapot and pouring tea in lots of different, artistic ways.  The other mini show of the evening was a man making noodles with his hands from a hunk of dough.  He made the dough so long that he even jump-roped with it at one point!

Pasta Making

Tomorrow we have lots more beautiful jewelry to see!

Good Night!



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