Lisa in Asia: Day 2

March 4, 2010

Today we went to a couple of headquarters.  The first meeting we had was with Jessica Fong and her associates.  I have heard wonderful things about Jessica for years, but had never met her before.  She, and everyone in their office, were warm, welcoming and incredibly passionate about their work and about giving back.

A couple of years ago, Jessica Fong did Laurie, Laura, and Peter’s numbers (in numerology) on a long car ride.  She then developed a set of diamond numbers for us to have in our stores.  Today Jessica determined my number.  After only meeting me for a few minutes, and calculating my number (seven), she was able to speak volumes about who I am as a person and what my role is in life.  It was almost eerie how right on she was.  As we were leaving, Laura and I both said that we had to buy our diamond numbers when we get home.

At one point in the meeting someone mentioned a tiara.  My roommate Lauren likes to think that I wear a tiara at work, so this was my chance!!  Laurie and I got to try on fabulous diamond and colored gemstone tiaras and a scepter/wand.  Who says work shouldn’t be fun?!

Laurie and Lisa try on tiaras and a wand!

Jessica is very spiritual, and believes that the universe has given her so much, that it is her duty to give back.  She has already helped to build three schools in China and is looking for more ways to get involved in making the world a better place.

This evening we had a bit of time in between a meeting and dinner so we visited the ‘Lady’s Market’.  It was a long narrow row of shops filled with fabulous inexpensive items.  We had way too much fun bargaining and ended up buying shoes, pashminas, and even a Seattle sports jersey!  We went right when people must have been getting off work, so it got more and more crowded.  The city is incredibly vibrant with people out and about on the streets.

Lady's Market

At dinner I was able to see a bit of the light show that occurs every night between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  Evidently, it originally started to promote tourism in Hong Kong, but they have continued to put on the performance every night.  There are neon lights on the sides of buildings, green lasers shooting across, and boats lit up like the rainbow.  What a show!

Tomorrow is the first day of the actual show, so I am looking forward to it!

Good Night!




  1. YES!! Photographic proof at last!! I’m putting that picture of you in a tiara up somewhere!!

  2. I love the ladys market!! 🙂 glad to hear it’s going well so far!

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