Lisa in Asia: Arrived in Hong Kong

March 2, 2010

After leaving my house in Seattle at 4:45am Monday morning, I finally arrived in Hong Kong at about 7pm Tuesday night.  I am here with Laurie, Laura (our Senior Buyers), and Peter (our VP Merchandising) for a trade show.  They were traveling in Bangkok before now.  When we say that we search the world for our merchandise, it is really true!!

Having never been to this part of the world before I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  The drive in from the airport was fascinating.  Although there were the hills and water that were somewhat familiar from one of my grandmother’s paintings, they were sharply contrasted by ultra-modern bridges and skyscrapers.  The buildings themselves were different then anything I have ever seen.  Their footprints were not standard rectangles, but rather very tall and skinny and have sides that jut in and out to maximize the frontage and the view.  Since I came in at night it was difficult to gain perspective of the area, but the city was lit up with glittering lights within the buildings, projected on to the buildings, and across the bridges that connect the city.

Tomorrow I will meet up with Laurie, Laura, and Peter to go in to mainland China for the day.  We are going to see the factory of one of our vendors.  I am curious to see how different it is than the facilities we saw in Italy.

More to come tomorrow after a good night’s sleep!



One comment

  1. How random but fun to see a blog from the Bridges on here! I remember growing up, my best friend back then, Keith and I looked up to his dad as a manager of Ben Bridge on 4th in Seattle, and subsequently at South Center before relocating for a promotion. I think we both had a passion to follow in his footsteps… Keith did.

    Asia looks like a fun experience!

    Best wishes,


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