Valentine’s Stories: Stephanie Woods

February 11, 2010

Stephanie Woods of our Accounting Department shares her favorite Valentine’s Day memories and most loved traditions. Happy Valentine’s Day Stephanie and Barrett! -Marc

My first Valentine’s Day with my husband Barrett, then boyfriend, was a very special day.  Not only did he pamper me that day with a pedicure and manicure, beautiful flowers and an elegant dinner, but he also proposed to me that evening!

Since that memorable first, Barrett has made a tradition each year of getting me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that he’s had specially arranged for me, followed by an amazing dinner at Anthony’s HomePort in Edmonds.  But, this year our Valentine’s Day is bound to be different, we have our little bubba boo to spend it with!  My perfect Valentine’s Day this Sunday will include having the entire day to spend with Barrett and Carter (aka little bubba boo); a bouquet of flowers; a delicious dinner ala Stephanie, maybe steak and lobster (Barrett’s fave); and a movie at home, preferably a romantic comedy (my fave).

I have to admit, I do love getting the gifts and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but what makes it even more special for me is that it’s a day that everything that we’re going through in life gets put on hold, so that we can spend time together, just loving each other!

Stephanie, Barrett and Carter (a.k.a. Little Bubba Boo)


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  1. This was precious. Thanks for sharing with us, Stephanie!

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