Valentine’s Stories: Leighton Ebert

February 10, 2010

Leighton met his bride to be, Meghan Bartholomew, at Ben Bridge. He takes care of our stores with a particular focus on helping them get the right watches for their clients. Happy Valentines Day Leighton and Meghan! -Marc

What does Valentine’s day represent for me?  That’s a good question, and one that’s changed quite a bit over the years.

I think in today’s fast paced, tumultuous world, just being with someone you care about is really all that matters.

For me, and fortunately my fiancée, dinner and a movie (of her choice of course) seem to work out great – this year it’s sushi and “Valentine’s Day”.  If you ask anyone who truly knows me, they’ll certainly say I do my best to be as anti-clichéd as possible, but as hard as I may try, I don’t think I’ve ever gone wrong with flowers, a card and some chocolates, either.

As I’ve learned throughout the years, if she’s happy then I’m happy.

Leighton Ebert and Meghan Bartholomew met at Ben Bridge!


One comment

  1. Awe! My friend Megs is so cute! She looks so HAPPY!

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