Buying in Italy and Switzerland: Lisa’s Blog Part V

January 20, 2010


Artisan creating a unique hammered finish

This morning we went on another factory tour, this time it was outside of the city. We arrived and the “factory” looked like someone’s home! In fact, our tour guide lives right next door and walks to work!

I was again utterly impressed by how much work goes in to making a single piece. I have loved our Toscano cuff bracelet for years and we saw someone hammering the metal by hand to create the hammered finish.

Laura and I were fascinated by the beads this company makes. To make a round bead. for example, they cut out a sort of four lead clover. Then they squish it in between pieces of metal until it looks like a tulip, and then shape it in to a bead soldering the edges together. What patience it takes to make one single bead!

Mid-day Peter, Jeanne, and I left Laura and Vicenza to head for the airport. We flew Babboo airlines (yes, you read that correctly, Babboo) to Geneva. I have to say I was a bit frightened for my life getting on to such a tiny plane on an airline only one person I knew had ever heard of, but we made it safely!

It was clear and beautiful flying over the mountains and in to Geneva. The city sits on Lake Geneva and faces the snow-capped mountains. The buildings are all ornate with intricate details along their walls.

Tonight we had dinner hosted by one of our watch companies and with a number of other retailers. I enjoyed getting to know people from other parts of the country and hearing about their business.

Tomorrow we will go to the watch show here in Geneva.

(I know I am now in Switzerland, but I am still going to say it…)
Ciao for now!


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