Everlon is here!

September 29, 2009
Everlon™ Diamond Love Knot Pendant in 14kt White Gold

Everlon™ Diamond Knot Pendant in 14K White Gold

This past week, the first pieces of the new Everlon diamond knot collection arrived in our stores.  I think they are simple and beautiful and perfectly symbolize the bond that ties us to our loved ones.

The design is based on the Hercules knot, an ancient symbol of strength. During the time of Alexander the Great, the Hercules knot was considered magical. It is the strongest knot that can be formed.

In our pieces, without the diamond at the center the knot would unravel.  These pieces express the beautiful idea that the only thing stronger than a diamond is love itself.

We have a number of variations on the theme, including pendants, rings, and bracelets.

Drop by a Ben Bridge store and try on a piece.

Take a picture of it and share it with us!



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